Dec 22, 2017
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This is amazing when we find we are able to do our jobs on time and expectation. There are lots of helping hands around us to make that happen. Sometimes we called them partner, employee, clients and supports as well. 

This is just a win-win play where we feel proud of that. Therefore, people who do our jobs we should take care of them. Otherwise we will find no one is there to help us.

We should take care of people!

Jul 17, 2017
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We are creating opportunities by doing same jobs diffidently. We love to explore the talent of young people.

Thanks guys for successfully completion of nbn TYPE 2.0/3.0 ARCHITECTURE AND FTTX NETWORK DESIGN training on last Saturday. I believe this effort also could help many new telecom professionals to land in market to help nbn design delivery and SpatialNet delivery. We are working hard to build and use young energetic people productive way by providing them practical level hands-o...

Mar 25, 2017
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NBN Distribution Fibre Network (DFN), Fibre Distribution Hubs (FDH), Local Fibre Network, NBN FTTx Network and Design Standard, Premises Fibre Allocations, Premises Design, Underground Infrastructure, Aerial Infrastructure
Design FTTN/ FTTx/ FTTC network based on NBN Tier 2/3 architecture, X pair C Pair, Design and update Pit and Pipe networks, Correct routine design issues, Preparation of BOM/BOQ and Construction packs/ SLD's and more.


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