FTTX, HFC, Fixed, Wireless and Mobile Networks

Teleaus engineering solutions bring together specialists in network survey and design. Engineering team provides the following core services:

Survey and Design
Teleaus has strong experience in the design of a variety of cable and wireless networks, including FTTx, HFC, Fixed, Wireless and Mobile networks. We offer all activities from field survey in the street to designing cable pathways, signal strength and equipment placement within buildings. Teleaus is particularly exper...



Connecting you to the future

When you demand expertise and professionalism in the telecommunications industry, rely on our knowledge to provide you with the custom solutions you need. We are working with a wide spectrum of customers including world-wide communication companies, government agencies and utility companies. 

For more detail, interested customers are welcome to send any enquiry through our contact us page.



Optimize your spatial investment by leveraging our solutions and domain expertise.

Teleaus is available to help migrate data residing in drawings, databases, or spreadsheets, manage existing databases, or provide integration services to ensure network assets are accurate and accessible to other systems.
Our team can investigate and report on certain business and technical problems. Our advice is usually delivered through expert reports which present our views and recommendations to assist with the resolution of the problem.


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