Teleaus is upraising its hand in this pandemic with Teleaus Foundation

Teleaus is upraising its hand in this pandemic with Teleaus Foundation

Covid-19, a pandemic declared by WHO, is threatening the whole world by spreading in almost every corner across the globe. People are being infected & already died due to the coronavirus. Considering the deadly outreach where the antidote is still unknown, we can only imagine the horror if it massively spread in densely populated countries.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government is issuing a countrywide lockdown, creating a problem for those who are daily wage earners and newly unemployed as small shops, workplaces local stores were shut down. Many people in the rural part are also unable to work and earn a living to feed their families. The crisis is becoming more acute day by day.

Teleaus foundation comes forward with a noble cause of helping the needy with a donation program to help them to get food. Till now, this foundation has been donated over $5,000 to the people in need. Zahangir Alam, CEO of Teleaus, came up with the idea. He is an aspiring technology entrepreneur, artist, and philanthropist who always melt himself to help others. This initiative helps over a hundred families during this pandemic. Moreover, last year he has awarded over 50 individuals for their outstanding contribution during the lockdown.

If you want to donate, visit at
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