In today’s technology-run world, digitization has made a big impact on the telecommunication industry. All because of it, communication is quicker and easier. One would forget the considerable role telecom & internet service providers have played during this transformation, including the creation of latest field engineering job opportunities, for IT & Telecom professionals like the Telecom Field Engineer.

Field Engineering responsibilities mainly include handling, maintaining, monitoring, installing and providing support for network hardware, software and communication links. They need to make sure the stability of in-house voice, data, video, and networks. Its includes proposing offer technical and engineering solutions for communication-based subjects like wireless telephony services, radio and satellite communications, internet and broadband technologies.

Field Engineering Serivices
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Wireless site survey

A wireless network survey, sometimes called an RF (Radio Frequency) site survey or wireless survey, is that the process of designing and designing a wireless network, to supply a wireless solution which is going to deliver the particular wireless coverage, data rates, network capacity, roaming capability and good quality of service (QoS).

Type of Wireless Network survey

In passive survey, a site survey application passively listens to WLAN traffic to detect active access points, measure signal strength and background level. However, the wireless adapter getting used for a survey isn't associated to any WLANs. For system design purposes, one or more than that temporary access points are deployed to spot and qualify access point locations. This won’t to be the only common method of pre-deployment Wi-Fi survey.

In a predictive survey, a model of the RF environment is made using simulation tools. It’s essential that the right information on the environment is entered into the RF modelling tool, including location and RF characteristics of barriers like walls or large objects.

Neural network Activation

The activation function does the non-linear transformation to the input by making it able to learn and perform more complex tasks is the vectorized form of any linear function. A neural network activation function without an activation function is mainly just a linear regression model.

The purpose of an activation function is to feature some quite non-linear property to the function, which may be a neural network. Without the activation functions, the neural network activation could perform only linear mappings from inputs x to the outputs y. Without the activation functions, the sole mathematical process during the forward propagation would be dot-products between an input vector and a weight matrix.

So as to be ready to compute really interesting stuff, neural networks must be ready to approximate nonlinear relations from input features to output labels. Usually, the more complex the info is we try to find out something from, the more non-linear the mapping of features to the ground-truth-label is.

A neural network with none activation function wouldn't be ready to realize such complex mappings mathematically and wouldn't be ready to solve tasks we would like the network to unravel.

Different types of Activation Function:

  • Sigmoid - the sigmoid function maps the incoming inputs in a range between 0 and 1
  • Tanh Activation Function- It’s a nonlinearity is the function maps which real-valued number to the range [-1, 1] a
  • Rectified Linear Unit - ReLU is the activation is simply threshold at zero. It is for inputs larger than zero
  • Leaky ReLU - using ReLU might “kill” some neurons in the neural network and these neurons will never activate on any data again ever

NBN network

The NBN network includes a variety of connection technologies for both wired communication (copper, fibre optic, and hybrid fibre-coaxial) as well as radio communication (satellite and FIXED wireless).

How to connect to the NBN

  • Check your address
  • Choose an idea
  • Connect to nbn
  • Set up your modem

National Broadband Network, is an Australia's purpose built, high capacity broadband networking. By utilizing a variety of technologies, across an Australia wide network Optus nbn is in a position to attach your home to Australia's newest high capacity broadband network. Optus) Optus is that the second-largest wireless network in Australia, with 10.5 million subscribers as of 2019.

The company trades for the Optus brand, while maintaining several fully owned subsidiary, Optus mostly owns and operates its own network infrastructure, It provides services both on to end users and also acts as a wholesaler for the other service providers like Exetel and Amaysim. Through its Optus brand, it usually provides broadband, and wireless internet services. Other wholesale services providers include Satellite and 4G Mobile.

It is divided into the major business - Mobile; Business; Wholesale; and Consumer & Multimedia.

Telecom field engineers are responsible for maintaining telecommunication equipment and networks in the field. They work with service providers to ensure that telecommunication services are up and running.

Optus Communications

Optus Communications offered the first business-focused internet products in year 1998 under the Optus Net product family, offered in-house developed dial-up and high-speed services to people.

This section provides you with information you would like before you'll perform an installation from the network. Network installations enables you to put in the Solaris software from a system, known as an install server, that has access to the present Solaris release disc images.

You are allowed copy the contents of the present Solaris release DVD or CD media to the install server's hard disc or device. Then, you'll install the Solaris software from the network by using any of the Solaris installation methods.

Required Servers for Network Installation

To install the Solaris OS from the network, the systems to be installed require the subsequent servers to be present on the network.

Install server – A networked system that contains the present Solaris release disc images from which you'll install current Solaris release on other systems on the network. You can create an install server by copying the pictures from the subsequent media:

  • Solaris DVD
  • Solaris Software CDs

After you copy the image from the Solaris Software CDs, you'll also copy the image from the Solaris Languages CDs as necessary for your installation requirements.

You can enable one install server to supply disc images for various Solaris releases and for multiple platforms by copying the pictures on to the install server's hard disc. Boot server – A server system that gives client systems on an equivalent network subnet with the knowledge that they have else so as to put in the OS. A boot server and install server are typically an equivalent system.

(Optional) DHCP server – A server that uses the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) to supply the network parameters that are necessary for installation. You’ll configure a DHCP server to configure and install specific clients, all clients on a selected network, or a whole class of clients. When using DHCP, you are doing not got to create a separate boot server.

After you've got created the install server, you add clients to the network with the add install client command and therefore the -d option. The -d option enables you to line up client systems for Solaris installation from the network by using DHCP.

Telstra broadband owns the copper-wire network survey tools that connects most of Australia’s homes. This is changing. As the National Broadband Network (NBN) is setup across Australia, NBN Co Ltd will take over the lines in most areas. Telstra activate will still be able to utilize the lines, but it will be on the same basis as any other business that resells phone and internet services to people.

  • Connect the nbn Connection box to your Telstra Smart Modem™
  • Locate the cord by the RED and YELOW plugs.
  • Plug your Telstra Smart Modem™ into the facility outlet.
  • Connect your home phone (if required) is that the collective measures and processes made to identify, diagnose and resolve problems and issues within a network.

Network troubleshooting lasa is a scientific process that aims to resolve problems and restore normal network operations within the network. Network troubleshooting is primarily done by network engineers or administrators to repair or optimize a network. It’s generally done to recover and establish network or Internet connections on end nodes/devices. Network troubleshooting are often a manual or automated task.


LASA, a light-weighted, auditable and a secure solution where legitimate users are limited to access the content provider's data within pre- provided times. In LASA, each content provider sets maximum access times for every legitimate user and edge routers perform authentication and audit supported users' signatures attached to interest packets.

Real-world experimental results show that LaSa are able to do a 97.0% accuracy of identification of unauthorized users while maintaining a coffee false blocking rate of authorized users as low as 3.3%. LaSa is meant to be used for integration with commercial APs and deployment for home and business Wi-Fi environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rsps provide quite a number plans to select from, varying in both velocity and month-to-month download allowance.

The rollout of the nbn™ network will contain new technologies and a few existing gadgets might not be well matched with those always. Talk to your device provider.

It’s important to note that nbn is a wholesale broadband plan provider. It’s up to the end user to select an RSP plan that best suits their needs.

Picking an nbn company can appear to be a difficult task. There are over one hundred nbn companies supplying offering and the listing just keeps on growing. Certain, the big men are all there, but there are also lots of smaller companies equipped to compete to your cash.

This makes it less complicated to evaluate nbn vendors on a level gambling subject. As a substitute, you will want to consciousness on rate, velocity, facts, and other inclusions while choosing it. Hence having a knowledge of field engineering helps a lot.