NBN trials HFC construction in 17 suburbs

NBN trials HFC construction in 17 suburbs

NBN has revealed the 17 suburbs where Optus and Telstra have begun hybrid fibre-coaxial construction trials, ahead of a March product release.

The construction trials are separate from the 300-premise pilot program currently underway on the Optus HFC network in Redcliffe and Scarborough in Queensland.

The trials are designed to allow Optus and Telstra to test the construction processes for lead-ins to premises passed by their HFC networks where a customer doesn’t currently have a connection to the network.

There are also some network upgrades underway in the construction trial areas, in the expectation that this will help accelerate the rollout of the NBN following the launch of HFC services.

An NBN spokesperson told iTnews that unlike the pilot program, premises connected on the construction trial cannot buy NBN services at this stage.

“The HFC construction trials taking place are giving NBN and our partners important experience in developing the construction techniques we will be using to connect end-users to the NBN HFC network, most particularly in areas like multi-dwelling units,” the spokesperson said.

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